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Under which circumstances should I charge taxes at the clinic?

As an independant contractor, you must charge taxes at the clinic for any annual income exceeding $30,000.
Note that clinics are recovering taxes from government, so charging taxes does not cost more to the clinic

It is the professional's responsability to tell Oxilia to add the taxes on the billing

To know if you are an independent contractor, please refer to the article Employee or Self-employed? issued by the Canada Revenu Agency.

At the beginning of each contract, Oxilia will help you ascertain if you're an independant contractor or an employee.

It is important to understand that the professionals are not employees of Oxilia at any given time. Therefore, we are not responsible for filing your tax documents at the end of the year and this is always the clinic's responsability. For more information on T4A, you can refer to Section 9.1 of our Terms of Use and click on this link to better understand the difference between T4 and T4A.
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