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The service contract between the veterinary establishment and the professional is based on the Articles 9 to 13 of the Terms of service.

You understand and accept that Oxilia is not a party to any service contract and that it has no responsability or obligation as a result of the actions or omissions of the professional or the establishment that are not in accordance with the service contract.

The service contract is based on the information provided at the time of the offer as well as the schedule accepted after discussion with the candidates.

Here are some key elements that form part of the service contract

From the moment you submit an application for an offer, you accept to not circumvent the Oxilia platform.

This protects the integrity of the service contract between the professional and the clinic. By utilizing the platform, both the professional and the clinic are protected.

Oxilia will issue a weekly consolidation invoice, comprising the fees to be transfered to the professional in accordance with the terms of the service contract and the applicable service charges payable to Oxilia.

We simply confirm the number of hours every two weeks. Oxilia takes care of the billing and the transfer of fees.

In case of cancellation, a written notice must be sent to us and certain conditions will apply.

The professional or the clinic may terminate the service contract without any penalty by sending the other party and Oxilia a written notice, at least thirty (30) days before the beginning of the contract.

You can always modify the terms of the contract by contacting us. Our agents will take care of all the changes to be made.

Other advantages of a service contract

Assistance in case of dispute
Cancellation policy
Secure payment and regular transfer of fees
Support and assistance
Direct service contract between you and the animal health facility
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