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Is it possible to prolong the duration of the the contract ?

Yes !

It is absolutely possible to extend the duration of the contract.

Oxilia will provide you with a new version of the contract comprising the new start and end dates that you've both agreeed on.

Is it possible to hire a professionnal permanently?

Of course ! If both the clinic and the professional wish to convert the service contract to an employment contract, they are at liberty to do so.

To be eligible for permanent employment by the clinic, the professional must complete a minimum of 420 hours of work, which is equivalent to approximatively 3 months of full time work.

No fee is levied on the professional in case of conversion of the service contract to a permanent employment contract. The clinic wil have to pay a predetermined fee.

If you want information on how to permanently hire a professional (employee) in your establishment, we invite you to read Offer a permanent job and recruit on Oxilia. For more details, we encourage you to contact our client service department and we will be happy to explain how it works.
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