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First of all, Oxilia acts as a third party with respect to payment of your fee, that is, the money still comes from the clinic that hires you.

Step 1.

Oxlia confirms the number of hours you've worked with you and the clinic.

Step 2.

If the number of hours matches on both sides, Oxilia will deposit the money in your bank account about 10 days after the confirmation of the hours.
If the hours do not match, we will still pay part of the money into your account and adjust in the next payment cycle, if necessary.

Example :

Mary works for 6 hours over 3 days at the Veterinary Clinic X on May 5, 9 and 21. We send en email to the clinic and to Mary to confirm the number of hours she's worked between May 4th and May 17th. Mary will have to confirm that she worked a total of 12 hours (May 5 to May 9) before May 18th. She will receive her payment 10 days later, on May 28th for those first two shifts. Her May 21st shift will be paid during the next cycle.
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