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Oxilia is a complete tool for animal health professionals working as self-employed workers and veterinary clinics to facilitate contacting, management of service contracts, invoicing and payment of professional fees.

No profesisonal registered on Oxilia is an Oxilia employee . All of them are self-employed and use Oxilia's services to make their life easier.

The employer therefore NEVER has to hire the professional on his payroll system. All the biling is handled by Oxilia, which means that no payroll deductions has to be paid by the clinic.

No hourly wage is set by Oxilia, everything is discussed between the professional and the clinic directly.

The transport and accomodation compensation provided for in the agreement belongs 100% to the professional, Oxilia does not take any rating on these amount.

Service contracts are always established between the clinic and the professional.

Oxilia plays a facilitator role and implements policies that are fair and beneficial for professionals as well as for clinics. Oxilia also takes care of paying the fees on a regular two-weeks basis, whether the clinic has pais the bill on time or not (Payment Guarantee policy).

Placement Agencies

In an agency, workers are bound by contract with the Agency itself. They cannot therefore be self-employed if they wish so. In addition, they do not have the freedom to choose their fee and schedule themselves. Clinics can also be linked by contract with the agencies, which can be very long.

Placement agency service fees are often very high (40-45%) while Oxilia fees are the lowest in the industry (15-20%).

The majority of employment agencies take a high rating on compensation for transport (60-70%), which in our opinion belongs 100% to the professional.

Often, the agency has the professionals and the clinics sign a non-compete clause. This is not beneficial to the professionals who wish to withdraw from the agency to work on their own or for the clinics that want to use other recruitment services.

At Oxilia, we do not have a non-competition clause. Thus, pros and clinics are much freer.

For more details on the status of self-employed and employee, you can refer to the article Employee or Self-Employed? from the Canada Revenue Agency.
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