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Before being able to access every function of your Oxilia account, you will have to complete your profile.

If you have already completed your profile, skip this step

For more information on how to complete your profile, please refer to the article Completing or modifying your Oxilia profile.

You can now post your availabilities. To do so, click on the "My availabilities" button.

Fill in every box

It is easier for clinics to evaluate your application if you give precise information.

P.S. You are not required to fill the "Schedule" section, but do know that it provides additional and useful information for clinics that wish to hire you.

When you will have filled every box, click on the "Add availabilities" button.

You can now look up your availability at the bottom of the page in the "Summary of Your Availability" section.

Click on the " i " icon to see the details of an availability
To modify an availability, click on the pencil icon
To delete an availability, click on the " X " icon

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