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A service contract secures an agreement between a clinic and a professional.

By signing the service contract, the clinic and the professional each guarantee to each other that they are going to work together.

A service contract is issued by Oxilia and signed only between an animal health facility and a professional when a service agreement has been made between these two parties.

The animal health practice and the professional are responsible to determine if the professional acts as self-employed or as an employee in the contract.

Oxilia will help you determine the status of the professional before you sign a service contract together.

For more information on the status of self-employed person and employee, we invite you to consult Canada Revenu Agency's Employee or Self-employed? article.

Is Oxilia a staffing agency?

No. Oxilia does not act as a staffing or recruitment agency.

Under no circumstances is Oxilia considered to be creating a partnership, joint venture, employer-employee relationship, or agency relationship with clinics and companies.
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